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Student Volunteer Form

This program is designed to give teens the opportunity to gain experience in the field of recreation. Volunteers will work both at the RiverBender.com Community Center and at specified community events.

Responsibility, cooperation, leadership and dependability are just a few of the skills that you will gain from volunteering. This is a great opportunity to gain work experience and make new friends as well. This experience will prove valuable for the future.

Keep in mind that as a volunteer you represent RiverBender.com, a volunteer position at the Community Center is a privilege. Volunteers are expected to adhere to all Community Center rules and serves as a role model to their peer group. Volunteer assignments are based on maturity and ability and are left to the discretion of staff. Each applicant will be screened and orientated to assure that they maintain the proper conduct. Additionally, the Community Center staff reserves the right to deny admittance or remove existing teen volunteers due to inappropriate behavior.

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